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    The Australian rock band ‘Sick Puppies’ are more than up and mobile, they are out right soaring. With their third album ‘Tri Polar’ and the official release of the bands Hulu Channel, things are looking pretty good. The Sick Puppies, from ...

    Calvin, Hobbes And Comic Book Biology
    They're not allowed. They come from a corner of the universe where puppies, boys and tigers live and dream until the day whoever created them says, "enough." After that, they don't die (at least, not in the usual way,) they get recycled and go on forever.

    Outdoor Idaho
    417 E., Highway 93 Business Park. While people are eating fried fish, hush puppies and fries, they can wander around and talk to local fishing clubs who’ll answer questions, display gear and tackle, and give advice to anglers wanting to learn more about ...

    San Antonio shelter providing love for paws
    That number varies. I recently took in two pregnant moms. Both gave birth only days apart. Now we have a total of 17 new born puppies. What’s a typical day for dogs at Love for Paws Rescue? In the shelter, there are homeless dogs but when they are out in ...

    Video: 1965 Pontiac GTO does donuts, helps sell boxers [w/bonus boxer puppies]
    We love ourselves some vintage muscle cars, and none more so than the one that started it all: the Pontiac GTO . It's 389-cubic-inch V8 engine burbling underhood, its paper-thin bias-ply tires at all four corners and its complete lack of any kind of safety ...

    Chester County SPCA gets $1.6M makeover
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    Pit bull attacks 4-year-old boy in North SLO County
    Jim Milender talks to the media about how his female pit bull attacked a child in Heritage Ranch when the boy reached out to touch one of the dog’s puppies Wednesday. A 4-year-old North County boy was badly bitten in the face by the neighbors’ female ...

    Now There’s a Toy Dog You Control With Your Nintendo DS
    Teach your kids how to raise their own puppy without worrying about silly things like dead puppies all over the place, thanks to Wappy Dog , the robotic puppy with the adorably stupid name. Kids will feed, care for, and play with this cold, lifeless ...

    Sacramento pet$
    But, says author Michael Schaffer, the gap between the two is constantly shrinking. In his book One Nation Under Dog: Adventures in the New World of Prozac-Popping Puppies, Dog Park Politics and Organic Pet Food , Schaffer explores our “pampered-pet ...

    Dogs: Gay Companions or Child-Substitutes?
    In my lifetime, I have frequently heard the saying: "Straight people have babies. Gays have puppies." In personal reflection of my relationship with my beloved pet Winston, I have to admit some truth to that. Winston and I have had been together almost 12 ...

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