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    Parrots Related Websites

    WELCOME TO OUR FABULOUS Indian Ringneck Parakeet and Other Fabulous Parrots Site PLEASE ENJOY A TOUR We are breeding for fabulous mutations

    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
    Mark Bittner's website about the flock, with bird biographies, pictures, FAQ, observation journals, and historical information.

    Ellen @ her Parrots
    About her budgie Rakker, lovebirds Pucky and Sweetie, and Senegal Mickey. With photos, general care information and download bird desktop themes.

    Macaw Parrots
    Macaw Parrots - Introduction Macaw Parrots are the largest members in the parrot family. There are seventeen species of these birds that can be found in the wild nowadays.

    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Film
    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill film. View the movie trailer or download the press kit.

    Keeping Parrots As Pets cage daily exercise outside pet care trust
    Keeping Parrots As Pets Parrots: Parrots are friendly, intelligent birds that love human contact. They originate from Africa and some species can ...

    Feral Parrot Poplulations in San Francisco
    There are two feral parrot populations established in San Francisco. Best known are the Red-masked Parakeet (Aratinga erythrogenys). These range from Walton Square to the ...

    BirdsnWays Guide to Pet Birds, Parrots & Exotic Birds Care
    Guide to pet parrots & exotic birds care & breeding. Classified ads, bird magazine, forums, articles, breeders, bird cages, toys, foods, accessories, bird shows, bird ...

    Old World Aviaries - Hand-fed baby parrots
    Welcome to Old World Aviaries of Austin, Texas. We specialize in old-world psittacines, which are native to Africa and Australasia. These include Eclectus Parrots ...

    Parrots Plus - Tucson, AZ (Arizona) | (520)300-0596
    Small Parrot Breeder in Tucson Az From Conures To Macaws Since 2000. Handfed Tame Weaned Babie Parrots From Conures To Macaws

    Parrots Related News

    Blueprint: How you can help
    Contact: Amy Moore, (706) 548-4361. ► Dee's Haven Parrot Rescue Donation of a portable backup generator to provide heat to the parrots in case of a power failure and construction materials such as untreated lumber, chain link fence, screen material ...

    Real 'Pirate Of The Caribbean' Funded By UK
    London (CNN) -- Forget peg-legs, parrots and eye-patches -- the real pirates of the Caribbean were much more complicated. According to an eye-opening new exhibition near the bank of London's river Thames, a number of Britain's most notorious buccaneers ...

    Debbie Croft: It's loving, cuddly -- and it's a cockatoo?
    When asked why he raises birds, Evans replied, "Why do you have a dog or cat?" Parrots want to be as much a part of the family as any four-legged pet does. And their antics can provide hours of entertainment. His scarlet macaws, Nacho (the male ...

    Go ahead and act like a duck, at your own peril
    No, most humans don't get amazed by animals until a critter does something human like talk, as some parrots do; roll over or shake hands, as some dogs do; act stuck up, as most cats do, or come when called, as cows, horses, pigs and sheep do.

    Prinsburg woman operates Consider the Birds rehabilitation service
    Angela Nelson fell in love with parrots in one week after taking care of a friend’s pet bird, and has since developed veterinary skills and opened an adoption and rehabilitation service out of her own home. Consider the Birds Avian Rescue, Adoption and ...

    Capsule reviews of feature films
    Winging and singing creatures frolic in Brazil's capital of fun. Storks samba! Toucans tumba! Parrots party in kaleidoscopic formations to the music of Sergio Mendes! Voice work by Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and Jamie Foxx. 1 hr. 36 G (animal adventure ...

    A Menagerie Where Pets Do the Staring
    There, Bruno plants himself on his haunches, nose to glass, and stares at the parrots in free flight on the other side. Mr. Myles, who lives in the neighborhood, is a regular at the shop, Fauna , but not a customer. “Bruno leads me here, and the people ...

    Mailbag: Charen and Likud
    Mona Charen’s latest whitewash of Israel (May 24) parrots Likud perfectly. She actually believes that Israel can do no wrong, that others attack Israel simply because it is Jewish, not because of Israel’s despicable acts. “Turkey is hostile” can ...

    America's Got Talent 6 Auditions: Vegas Birds
    It is not as good as a human impersonator but was obviously more unique. Debbie promises that she has some other tricks up her sleeve with other parrots that she has trained over the years. I am actually excited to see more of this Vegas Birds act.

    Tambrey Laine - Anchor
    Outside the newsroom, Tambrey enjoys spending time at home with her pets - a miniature pinscher, two parrots and a python. She also loves to travel and has family scattered all over the world. Her parents live in Atlantic Canada and her younger brother and ...

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