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    LG Electronics announces the launch of their latest netbook, the LG X140, featuring Windows 7 Starter Edition, a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 2GB of RAM, and a ...

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    Netbook News, Mini Laptop Reviews, Prices ... Review: Toshiba Satellite E305. Compared to last year’s E205 laptop, Toshiba seemed to have listened to what the ...

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    Hello! My name is Elias and I too was like you in search of a netbook computer to buy. I decided to purchase one a few months ago as a second computer for it’s ...

    Netbook Related News

    What's an 'Ultrabook'? Apple's already got one
    But for those grasping for concrete examples, there's the MacBook Air. Alternatively, the Ultrabook could be seen as the death knell for the Netbook, the small, Atom processor-based laptop. But Intel is still promoting the Netbook for emerging markets in ...

    Kogan Shipping Chromium Netbook In June
    We still don’t have Australian launch dates for Google’s officially-licensed Chromebooks . However, if you’re happy to settle for a device based on the Chromium open source project rather than the Google-sanctioned version, Kogan is listing a 12-inch ...

    New Case Turns an iPad 2 into a Netbook
    Crux has just unveiled its newest case for the iPad. The Crux Loaded costs considerably more than previous cases, but it also adds something a road warrior might want: an extra 7 hour battery. The Crux Loaded case also has a keyboard and trackpad, and ...

    Tablets leave netbooks in dust as even laptops lag
    "What the tablet did was completely cannibalize the netbook," said Michael Hurlston, a senior vice president at Broadcom Corp., the Irvine, Calif., company that supplies microchips to many of the largest computer and tablet manufacturers, including Apple.

    North Korea making its own PCs
    The educational computers each run the same custom software and come in two versions: one is a netbook-sized laptop, and the other is a bland-looking box with a keyboard and mouse, that's designed to be connected to a television. "You can use multimedia ...

    KELLNER: The coming digital tsunami will change everything
    Hard on the heels of whatever Apple announces next week, Google and its manufacturing partners will unveil the first “Chromebooks,” netbook-style computers that do everything “in the cloud,” using Google’s Chrome browser/operating system and ...

    Is Apple still (or was it ever) in the netbook game?
    Is the MacBook Air a netbook? Many say it is not, leading to questions as to whether Apple has ever dented the netbook market at all. Zack Whittaker, criminologist who studied at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, is a freelance journalist and ...

    HP Mini 110-3530nr (XZ131UA) 10-inch Netbook – $250 + Free Ship
    Buydig is offering a new low price on this HP Mini 110-3530nr (XZ131UA) 10-inch Netbook which is only $249.99 + Free Shipping = $249.99! If you’re looking to take your computing with you then this is the deal for you! This super compact HP Mini Netbook ...

    Luck of the draw
    The winners of netbook computers supplied by Summit Computers and First Bank Richmond included: Dustin Baker, Megan Caudill, Chelsey Downing, Randall Girdler, Josh Gossett, Spencer Gray, Dakotah Lambert, Jordyn Nicholson, Samantha Parks, Mary Ripberger ...

    Hackers Spill Over 1,000,000 Sony Online Accounts
    Sony getting its arse handed to it by hackers is becoming about as newsworthy as a netbook release, but this one is particularly brutal: Lulz Security just released a file containing over a million user logins. Home addresses included. The Lulz crew says ...

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