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    Housing Related Websites

    Housing Market Still Not Looking Up | Video - ABC News
    New numbers suggest housing prices could continue to tumble.

    Baltimore Housing - Welcome
    Baltimore Housing is building on our strenghts and investing in our future. We are a forward-thinking organization built on compassion, progressiveness and quality of ...

    Teacher housing is a priority for San Francisco Unified School
    In the next few years, San Francisco Unified School District employees could have the opportunity to live near work in affordable homes that are offered by the school ...

    Housing crash: Is it time to buy low?
    True confessions: I live in a bubble. Washington, D.C., the area I call home, appears to be one of the only two places in the country (the other being Seattle) where ...

    Canada housing agency ups 2011 housing starts view
    TORONTO May 30 (Reuters) - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) slightly raised its forecast for 2011 housing starts on Monday, citing an improving ...

    Housing Prices Hit New Low - CBS MoneyWatch.com
    The Case-Shiller index shows home prices at their lowest level in 9 years, in what experts are calling a housing "double dip." Plus: Sony aims to restore ...

    Housing Authority of the City of Marion, Illinois
    A city public housing authority providing low-income housing opportunities for families and single disabled or elderly senior adults in the City of Marion, Illinois.

    Housing and Dining Services | University of Colorado Boulder
    We're here to help you with your housing & dining needs!

    Housing - Housing and Residence Life
    The mission of Housing and Residence Life at the University of California, Merced is to provide clean, safe, student-centered residential communities.

    Housing Trends eNewsletter- Holly Fanning
    Housing trends, housing market updates, local real estate market, buying or selling real estate, housing data, neighborhood information, real estate statistics, real ...

    Housing Related News

    Housing Starts and Building Permits Resume Their Fall
    Yesterday, homebuilders ( NYSE:XHB ) said their confidence was going nowhere . This morning we have better news in a report from the Commerce Department that privately-owned housing starts in April were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 523,000. This ...

    U.S. Mortgage Rules May Limit Home Buying to Affluent, Housing Groups Say
    Minorities and the working class may find it harder to buy homes under a U.S. plan that would require larger down payments to qualify for lower-cost mortgages, according to lenders, consumer groups and lawmakers. Bankers and consumer advocates, often at ...

    Desperate for a housing rebound
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Home prices won't rebound until jobs come back. But jobs won't come back until the housing mess gets fixed. That's a problem because both the housing market and the broader economy are having trouble getting back in gear. Hiring is ...

    Brookdale makes deal for senior-living housing
    In another sign of industry consolidation, Brookdale Senior Living Inc. on Wednesday said it has agreed to buy Horizon Bay Realty LLC in a transaction that will add 90 senior living communities to its portfolio. But Brentwood-based Brookdale, the largest ...

    India approves low-cost housing for slum-dwellers
    The Indian government has approved an ambitious scheme to provide affordable housing to millions of slum dwellers. The plan is expected to benefit 32 million people in 250 cities and aims to give property rights to the owners of the houses built under the ...

    Bill would deepen angst over housing
    The housing crisis isn't over, and new figures suggest Detroit is one of four cities nationwide where home values have dropped to pre-2000 levels. The worst is past, but the problem persists. For those of us who haven't lost homes, the raw reality is ...

    Auckland housing market continues to strengthen
    New figures show the Auckland housing market continuing to strengthen, with buyers said to be facing a lack of choice. Real estate company Barfoot & Thompson said it sold 889 residential properties in Auckland last month, compared to 723 sales in April and ...

    Fair-Housing Fight Renewed
    ( The Wall Street Journal ) -- A New York City nonprofit housing group on Tuesday asked a district court in Manhattan to step in and enforce a 2009 consent decree that settled a lawsuit over Westchester County's alleged failure to enforce federal fair ...

    Bottom May Be Near for Slide in Housing
    For real estate, some economists say, an end to the seemingly endless decline in housing values might be in sight. Not immediately. At the moment, prices are still dropping. In 20 large cities, prices fell 0.8 percent in March from the previous month ...

    Agency awards Affordable Housing Tax Credits
    OKLAHOMA CITY (JR) – The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency’s Board of Trustees has approved seven Affordable Housing Tax Credits to build or rehabilitate affordable housing. The OHFA is the state’s tax allocating agency for Affordable Housing Tax ...

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