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    HARDISK - pevné disky k PC. Pevné disky, harddisky značek Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Werbatim, Samsung a Toshiba jsou asi nejprodávanější harddisky u nás.

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    Frequently Asked Questions/Help Desk . Questions Regarding Our Products . What is the difference between Digital and Optical stabilization? Will DVD or Harddisk camcorders work?

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    The list of things you could do with this fabulous gadget include transferring files from pendrive or external harddisk, plug a dongle for Internet wherever you go in the world (this is the wi-fi only version), very easily find a cable to connect to ...

    Tele-marketing chief held for data theft
    “We have arrested Desai and are investigating as to who was he in touch with. We have seized his mobile phone, hardisk and a pen-drive,” said the officer.

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