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    The Official Online Store of Vocal Coach ... Coach’s Pick Complete Diction. Clear words are key to clear communications.

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    Stocks vs. Real Estate: Millions Are Messing Up
    A similar percentage think savings accounts and CDs are best. Meanwhile, 33% believe most in real estate. Historical data contradicts those feelings, though. The long-term average annual growth rate for real estate is around 5%. Per data from Ibbotson ...

    Scenarios: How could Portugal election affect bailout?
    Following are possible scenarios for the election results and their consequences for the bailout and markets: PSD WINS WITHOUT FULL MAJORITY, TEAMS UP WITH CDS-PP Likelihood: High. Opinion polls show the center-right Social Democrats (PSD) will probably ...

    Former guard spends first night behind bars
    In return for taking in the drugs and other items – including a KFC meal, three pirated CDs, dental floss and cough lollies – he received $2850, a secondhand GPS locator and laptop, and three bottles of wine. He pleaded guilty to six charges of ...

    India to launch CDS in Oct, market-maker norms eased
    MUMBAI (Reuters) - The Reserve Bank on Tuesday relaxed guidelines for market makers in credit default swaps (CDS) to help widen participation in the derivative products and set Oct. 23 for their launch. A CDS is a swap contract in which the buyer of ...

    CDS signal moves in eurozone drama
    Credit default swaps, which protect investors against bond defaults, have been good at predicting eurozone bail-outs. But these instruments, blamed by some European politicians for contributing to the currency club’s debt crisis, have also been good ...

    CDs of the week: The Pierces and Andrea Corr
    Back in 2009, Catherine and Allison Pierce - two singing sisters raised in Alabama but living in New York - were ready to call it quits. Three albums in, their harmony-filled folk-rock had failed to turn critical acclaim into commercial success and they'd ...

    Peripheral Euro-Zone CDS Stabilize After Juncker-Led Widening
    LONDON -(Dow Jones)- The cost of insuring sovereign debt of weaker euro-zone countries against default stabilized early Friday, with peripheral sovereign credit default swap spreads tightening slightly after comments on Greece by the head of the euro-zone ...

    Ratko Mladic at The Hague: Celine Dion CDs, al dente vegetables and avoiding political small talk
    Ratko Mladic, nicknamed "the butcher of Bosnia", has arrived in The Hague to join a host of accused genocidal dictators, warlords and mass murderers. Set in a leafy suburb, the Scheveningen detention centre is already home to the former Bosnian Serb ...

    Bottomfeeder Bidding for Borders
    The Gores group has investments in the radio-based Westwood One and Alliance Entertainment, a distributor of CDs and DVDs. Tom Gores, the brother of Gores Group CEO Alan Gores, has just closed his purchase of the Detroit Pistons NBA franchise. According to ...

    When I pulled out the Apple tv =97 which is as big as stack of 10 CDs - I saw that it only had a plug for an HDMI cable. Problem was, it had a smaller HDMI plug than I expected. It was actually a mini-HDMI plug, and I didn't have the appropriate cables.

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