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    Automobile Recalls Related Websites

    Recall Alert: Toyota Recalls Another 740,000 Vehicles in U.S
    Toyota still remains popular despite numerous recalls in the past year, but if you were planning to go out and purchase one, first learn about the company’s latest ...

    Recalls - Auto Motion - The Orange County Register
    Two new recalls have been announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one for a Hyundai compact car over an airbag issue, the other over tires on ...

    Ford Motor Company Recall Lawsuits & Automobile Recall Lawyers
    Ford Motor Company recall lawsuit help from qualified lawyers & attorneys.

    Automobile Recalls & Used Car Recall Reports at UsedCarsPlus.com
    View used car recalls, automobile safety recalls, problems, and defects. Use UsedCarsPlus.com used auto recalls database to learn if your vehicle is affected.

    Federal 45 Auto Product Recall - Cheap Ammo For Sale | In Stock
    Federal 45 Auto Product Recall. The team at LuckyGunner.com would like to make you aware of a recent Federal product safety warning and recall notice affecting specific ...

    Auto Recalls, Component Recalls, Recalls by Makes and Models
    What is a recall? A recall is an action by the Company to remedy a safety or emissions related concern related to a vehicle defect or regulatory requirement.

    Auto recalls: Nissan, Jeep, Buick, Cadillac - Auto Motion - The
    Tweet Share Several brands and models of cars are being recalled for safety issues under three different campaigns, their respective manufacturers announced Thursday.

    Choose a Car for New & Used Car Recalls Online
    Choose the vehicle of your choice to view new and used car recalls and official reports online.

    Auto Recalls - Chicago Tribune
    These are current recall notices and the dates when the notice was issued. For more information, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at ...

    Auto Recalls - Car Recalls in Canada | Auto123
    Browse all auto recalls on the Canadian automotive network - Auto123.com

    Automobile Recalls Related News

    Genesee Township officials argue false claims being made in recall effort
    But information being distributed on fliers that tell people where they can sign recall petitions, on a Facebook page and by mail raise other issues. The fliers and mailings claim Fuhr, owner of Kearsley Auto Repair, was involved in a lawsuit against the ...

    LETTER: Go get'em, Rick!
    I point to the dot.com boom and bust, and the debacle that has become the auto industry. In the mid to late '90s ... increases on the upper income pensioners in this state. Yet the recall effort has begun; and I wish you luck with that silly gesture.

    Flat Rock, NC, festival to honor Sandburg pays tribute to folk music
    McCutcheon, the prolific multi-instrumentalist probably best known for his song “Christmas in the Trenches,” recalls going through “The American ... McCutcheon performs on hammered dulcimer, auto harp and guitar. He is a master of a dozen instruments ...

    Ed Mathews: Indy 500 still a major auto race
    NASCAR has captured the attention of many auto racing fans, although the Indianapolis 500 is ... The majority of the drivers seem like nice people. We recall meeting Johnny Rutherford, a three-time Indy winner, when he visited Erie several times over ...

    Old rusty automobiles tell the history of U.S.A.
    For example, there are the generations old farms with weathered but sturdy barns, stately farm homes full of fond memories and most interesting, as Arlo Guthrie musically pointed out, the “graveyards of rusted automobiles.” Majestically standing guard ...

    Citroen recalls 'passenger brake' C3
    A British cleaning company that runs a small fleet of C3 Picassos alerted the BBC's Watchdog consumer show, and they called in expert automotive engineer Mark ... That's when Citroen UK issued a recall: It turned out the designers had specified a little ...

    Britney Spears' 2008 Mercedes to Be Displayed in Auto Museum
    The black Mercedes that belongs to Britney Spears will now be displayed in a Chicago auto museum. And one person will be able to drive the car around for a day. You might recall that Spears had several adventures with her 2008 Mercedes Benz SLK 320 ...

    Starwatch Consumer | No more late check-ins for strollers; bill would bar rentals of recalled cars
    Rental car safety Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York said he will introduce a bill to stop car-rental agencies from renting automobiles that are under recalls for problems that aren’t yet fixed. The industry recently proposed a two-tiered system ...

    World War II vet recalls top-secret mission
    The destination was Kunming, China, and the 425th Squadron of the 308th Bomber Group of the 14th Air Force, where Cross would spend the next two years maintaining and servicing bombsights and auto pilots ... making the rounds, he recalls there not being ...

    Honda Recalls Civics Again
    The recall would include many unsold units of the vehicle ... increase in sales volume (except in the Automobile segment) and model mix, and operating income related to licensing agreements.

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